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Honk if you are anything but Lutheran!

Lutherans do it practically!

I brake for bake sales!

Help! My lips are stuck to the windshield!

I can never get enough potluck casseroles.

I will commit one random act of practicality, will you?

Help! I baked my children into a pie!

Give blood, quilt!

Tara Hoit, Sierra Vista, AZ


I did too walk a mile to school at 30 below.

Gopher it.

In salt we trust.

Jan Karon, Sumpter, OR

Minnesota - You betcha, ya know!

Minnesota - Warmer than you think, but not by much!

Sara Essex, Rosholt, WI

Minnesota, we're more evolved than Kansas

Jesse?!, Trust me, we did the right thing

Minnesota is real, it's your perception that's skewed

Marcus Trimpin, Plymouth, MN

Minnesota - it's not that bad

Minnesota - yeah, sure, you betcha

Minnesota - the big ad-ventura!

Minnesota - it's the little things that count (just count those mosquitoes!)

Minnesota - where small things still matter (i.e. mosquitoes)

Minnesota - land of lime jello and tater-tot hotdish

Minnesota - where goodbyes never end.

Minnesota - land of swine and roses

Minnesota - Ole and Lena rule!

Gloria Edwards, Bozeman, MT

Minnesota: Where real men do as their wives tell them.

T. Burke, Hollister, MO

Norwegian by birth, Lutheran by choice

I'm not driving slow, I'm pouring coffee

Turn signals for sale: never used

My other car is an Arctic Cat

Walleye: the other white meat

Rob Molskness, Bismarck, ND

Minnesotans - Speak nicely and carry a big governor

Steve Kotvis, Minneapolis, MN

Lye to me! (eat lutefisk)

One fish, two fish, I fish, you fish

Minnesota - a whiter shade of pale

Got Guilt?

What is "Ski-U-Mah" anyway?

Minnesota - high quality of life ... on a stick.


Minnesotans - "The common cold"

What do minnows do when they grow up?

Fred, Minneapolis, MN

Jess(me) - Ain't got time to Govern

Keith Rapp, Woodbury, MN

Minnesota welcomes you with 10,000 welcomes!

Minnesota: Put your coat on and stay awhile!

ElizaBetz Schaubach, Minnetonka, MN

Be yourself - just don't express your individuality.

No one ever BECOMES a Minnesotan

Yes, we really are above average.

Minnesota - the special province of provincialism

Minnesota nice - thinking makes it so

Minnesota nice - don't confuse ys with the Facts

If you can't say something nice, be passive aggressive.

Whatever the question, hard work OR self-restraint OR hotdish is the answer

No problem is so great that it can't be neglected by a few dedicated Minnesotans pretending it doesn't exist.

Minnesota - extreme weather, tepid relationships

Milt Thomas, So. St. Paul, MN

I'm a Minnesotan. What's your excuse!!

Minnesotan...Chilly by choice

L.M.Williams, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota - yes, it DOES get cold up here.

Jeanne O'Gorman, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota - why not?

Minnesota - You betcha!

Minnesota - We like people!

Minnesota has a season for you!

Minnesota - it just makes sense!

Minnesota - it's different!

Sharon Hanson, Hendricks, MN

Minnesotans: Better than most, but nice about it.

Ellen Montgomery, Hudson, WI

Hotdish happens!


"I'd rather be reffing SummerSlam!"

Minnesota: Got Lutherans?

Real men eat hotdish

Josh Moore, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota - Where we know what's best for you . . . and we have the laws to prove it.

Minnesota - Where the fat lady does sing, in your church choir.

Barbara C. Daughter, Minneapolis, MN


MN: Proof the settlers didn't ask directions either

Tim Sullivan, Harmony, NJ

Minnesota: Jesse, Soliah and lutefisk

James Corts, Grant, Minnesota

Winter Minnesota. Sun causes cancer.

Minnesota: Better than a stick in the eye.

Minnesota: The French have a word for it. COLD.

Minnesota: Where it's never too late to go ice fishing.

Minnesota fishing slogan "Carpe eatem"

Gene Kook, White Bear Lake, MN

Minnesota - land of too many potholes & potbellied people too!

Minnesota - watch your car while you wait.

Scotty Miller, Plymouth, MN

Jesse Ventura, Inc.

Rich Detwiler, St Paul, MN

Minnesota -we strive to be more erstwhile.

H. W. Baichtal, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota!! Ya Betcha!

Don and Kathy Jensen, Askov, MN

Honk if you're Lutheran

Lutherans make better lovers, you betcha

Rob Brose, Spokane, WA

Travel Minnesota: we're cheaper than Antartica

Paul Eckhardt, Duluth, MN

When I die, I hope I go to Minnesota

Ashley Paradee, Osakis, MN

First prize: a trip to Minnesota - Second prize: two trips to Minnesota


If summer falls on a Sunday, let's go on a picnic.

It's so cold this year in Minnesota, people are actually talking about the cold.

I shoveled some partly cloudy out of my driveway this morning.

Thaw some jokes, crack some ice, let's party!

Honk if you're a goose.

Joyce Champion, Boeblingen, Germany

"Are we there yet?" Yup! Welcome to Minnesota!

Velkommen til Minnesota: How Swede it is!

You too can talk Minnesotan: Yup! Nope! Not too bad.

"Are we there yet?" You bet! You're in Minnesota!

"Cold (hot) enough for ya?" Yup.

Come home to

Carol Alberts, St. Cloud, MN

Minnesota - If summer comes on a weekend, we'll have a picnic!

Brian Lewin, Norfolk, NE

Top of the food chain and lovin' it.

Welcome to Lake Wobegon, now GO HOME.

Ian Roach, Knoxville, TN

Minnesota - where women rule with an iron lutefisk.

Planning a getaway? Come to Minnesota - there's no death penalty!

Minnesota - ranked #1 best place to live 2 years in a row by people who already live here.

Bradd Schiffman, Cary, NC

Norwegian by Birth, Lutheran by Choice

My other car is an Arctic Cat

Walleye: the other white meat

Ludefisk: the other white meat

Honk if you want to stop for coffee

Rob Molskness, Bismarck, ND

Minnesota? I thought we were in the Artic tundra

Ernst Stabinaki, Vista, CA

Minnesota - democracy at its best

Participate in a beautiful state - Minnesota

Peter Wahlstrom, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota - It's not too bad

Mark Mazzone, Savage, MN

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