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The Changing Face of Philanthropy in Minnesota:
a radio series on giving in the New Economy.
   L I S T  O F   P A R T I C I P A N T S (as of 8/16/00)

Audrey Alvarado
Executive Director
National Council of Nonprofit Associations

Chris Andersen
Executive Director
The Lutheran Community Foundation

Elizabeth Andrus
Surdna Foundation

Vashti Apostol-Hurst
Executive Director
National Association for American Indian Children and Elders

Lisa Aramony
Director, AOL Corporate Relations
AOL Foundation

Jeanne Argoff
Executive Director
Disability Funders Network

Nan Aron
Alliance for Justice

Joseph Barisonzi

David Benevides
Regional Director

David Biemesderfer
Director of Communications
Minnesota Council on Foundations

Brien Biondi
Executive Director

Hilary Bockovich
Vice Chair
Youth in Philanthropy Board

Teresa Bonner
Regional Community Development Manager
US Bancorp Foundation

Daniel Borochoff
American Institute of Philanthropy

Joseph Breiteneicher
Senior Vice President
The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc.

Dwight Burlingame
Associate Executive Director and Professor
Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

Janice Burrill
Senior Vice President and National Director
Wells Fargo's Charitable Management Group

Georgine Busch
The Earl & Doris Bakken Foundation

Emmett Carson
President & CEO
The Minneapolis Foundation

Paul Clolery
Editor in Chief
The NonProfit Times

James Cook
Executive Director
Sabathani Community Center

Susan Cornell Wilkes
Philanthropic Partners LLC

Steven Culbertson
President & CEO
Youth Service America

Nancy Cunningham
Executive Director
Working Group on Funding Lesbian and Gay Issues

Joy Des Marais
Director of Strategic Youth Initiatives
National Youth Leadership Council

Joan DiFuria
Money, Meaning and Choices Institute

Mark Dollhopf
Executive Director
The Catholic Development Group

Jared Dunlap
Youth in Philanthropy Board

James Dwyer

Karla Ekdahl
Do the Good (.com)

Karl Emerson
National Association of State Charitable Officials

Paul Fate
Principle Consultant
Wilder Foundation

Gerald Fischer
University of Minnesota Foundation

W. Jerome Frautschi
Founder & Director
The Overture Foundation

Joe Galaskiewicz
University of Minnesota

Meg Gardinier
Deputy Director
U.S. Committee for UNICEF

Joan Garner
Executive Director
Southern Partners Fund

Elan Garonzik
Program Officer
Mott Foundation

Tracy Gary
Community Consulting Services & Changemakers

Claire Gaudiani
Connecticut College

Bill George
Medtronic, Inc.

Archie Givens, Jr.
Executive Director
The Givens Foundation

Stephen Goldbart
Money, Meaning and Choices Institute

Hazen Graves
Faegre & Benson

Rick Green
Program Specialist
Packard Foundation

Kiira Gustafson
Youth Project Team Member
National Youth Leadership Council

Lynn Haglin
Vice President
The Northland Foundation
Norman Harrington
Director of Development, Diversity Funds
Saint Paul Foundation

Ruth Hayden
Ruth L. Hayden and Associates

Bruce Herbert
Newground Investment Services

Karen Himle
Vice President of Corporate Affairs
The Saint Paul Companies, Inc.

Karen Johns
Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Louise Jones
Program Manager
Leave a Legacy Minnesota

Andrea Kaminski
Executive Director
Women's Philanthropy Institute

Ann Kaplan
Giving USA

Bob Kierlan
Minnesota State Legislature

Linda Lampkin
National Center for Charitable Statistics

George Latimer
Former St. Paul Mayor & Professor
Macalester College

Fran Leek

Joseph Leek
Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation

Marilyn Stein LeFeber
Vice President, Communication
Mott Foundation

Rolland Lowe
Lawrence Choy Lowe Memorial Fund

Ronald Lundeen
Vice President for Advancement
San Francisco Theological Seminary

Richard Magat
Author, Visiting Fellow
Yale Program on Non-Profit Organizations

Martha McPhee
Chief Operations Officer
Minnesota Public Radio

Rick Melcher
Melcher + Tucker Consultants, LLC

Sara Melendez
Independent Sector

Evan Mendelson
Executive Director
Jewish Funders Network

William Merritt
President & CEO
National Black United Fund, Inc.

Trish Millines Dziko
Technology Access Foundation

Christopher Mogil
Impact & More than Money

Marina Muñoz Lyon
Vice President
Pohlad Family Charities

Betsy Nelson
Executive Director
Association of Baltimore Area of Grantmakers

Steven Newcom
Executive Director
Headwaters Fund

Diana Newman
Philanthropic Resource Group

Scott Oki
Chief Volunteer
The Oki Foundation

Stacy Palmer
Chronicle of Philanthropy

Dennis Pearne
Wealth Counselor
Independent Consultant

Patricia Perell
Executive Director
Minnesota Foundation

Mary Pickard
Community Affairs Officer
The Saint Paul Companies, Inc.

Jon Pratt
Executive Director
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Mary Ella Pratte
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Kirby Puckett
Board Member
Minnesota Twins Community Foundation

Matthew Ramadan
Executive Director
Northside Residents Redevelopment Council

Rip Rapson
McKnight Foundation

Jacqueline Reis
Minnesota Council on Foundations

Malcolm Richardson
Lead Staff
White House Millennium Council

Dorothy Ridings
Council on Foundations, Inc.

Edward Robinson
National Catholic Community Foundation

Carolyn Roby
Vice President
Wells Fargo Minnesota Foundation

Claude Rosenberg
Founder & Chairman
NewTithing Group

Steve Rothschild
Twin Cities Rise!

Helen Scheidt
Scheidt Family Foundation

Paul Schervish
Professor & Director of Social Welfare Research Institute
Boston College

Joe Selvaggio
Executive Director
The One Percent Club

Mesut Senol
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute

Donna Jones Stanley
Executive Director
Associated Black Charities-Maryland

Vince Stehle
Program Officer
Surdna Foundation, Inc.

Jill Strassburger
Strategy Consultant
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Nancy Sturm
Director, Enterprise Office
National Endowment for the Humanities

Berne Teeple
Director of Development
Food for Life Network

John Thomasian
Director, NGA Center for Best Practices
National Governors' Association

Thomas Van Dyck
As You Sow

Elsa Vega-Perez
Program Officer
El Fondo de Nuestra Comunidad

Laysha Ward
The Target Foundation

Erica Whittlinger
Whittlinger Capital Management

Alison Wiley
Executive Director
Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Colleen Willoughby
Chair & Co-founder
Washington Women's Foundation

Karen Wright
Culture of Giving Project
Centre for Civil Society/London School of Economics

Craig Wruck
Vice President
Charitable Management Group of US Bank

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