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501(c) (3) and 501(c) (4) organizations are nonprofit entities to which contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 501c(4) organizations are community or fraternal organizations that are not solely charitable.

590(a) is a designation that 501(c)(3) organizations must have to qualify them as a public charity.

990/Form is an Internal Revenue Service form that public charities must file each year (Private foundations file 990-PF) to prove compliance with tax laws.

AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) includes income from salary and wages, investments, and capital gains.

Annual Reports are issued each year by a growing number of charities to provide donors and prospective donors with information about their income, expenditures, programs, and progress.

Community Foundation is a tax-exempt organization serving a specific geographic area and enabling residents of that area to establish endowed funds for charitable giving without the costs of establishing separate private foundations.

Endowment refers to money donated with the intention that it be invested to generate income. The donor may require that the principal remain intact for a specific period of time or in perpetuity.

Giving Circles are organizations of people who meet regularly to make joint giving decisions and share information.

Social Venture Funds are charitable funds whose donors invest their expertise as well as their money, providing support and requiring accountability of nonprofit organizations just as venture capitalists do in business enterprises.

Trust is a legal device used to set aside assets of one individual for the benefit of one or more persons or organizations.


Don't Just Give It Away: How to Make the Most of your Charitable Giving, by Renata J. Rafferty (Chandler House Press, 800-642-6657)
Rafferty's book urges donors to investigate charities as carefully as they would companies in which they invest and offers advice on how to do it.

Wealthy and Wise: How You and America Can Get the Most Out of Your Giving, by Claude Rosenberg (Little, Brown and Company)
Wealthy and Wise gives a complete exploration of Rosenberg's ideas and calculations for basing philanthropy on wealth rather than income. (A synopsis is available at the Newtithing Web site.)

For Richer Not Poorer: The Money Book for Couples, by Ruth L. Hayden
Hayden, a frequent guest on Sound Money, offers instruction for couples who need help in joint giving.

Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., by Ron Chernow (Random House).
A terrific biography of a difficult man who was a ruthless businessman and a great philanthropist.

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, by Robert D. Putnam (Simon & Schuster)
A controversial theme about civic culture in America, but a wealth of data, a passionate perspective, and a nice chapter on the philanthropic impulse at the turn of the previous century.

Welcome to Philanthropy: A Guide for Individuals and Families, by Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian
A map of what's out there in the world of philanthropy - and how to get involved. Available from More than Money.

"The Modern Medici: Patterns, Motivations, and giving Strategies of the Wealthy," Paul G. Schervish
In this March 10, 2000, paper, Professor Schervish lays out the analysis behind the estimated $41 trillion transfer of wealth in coming years, and why he believes we are on the verge of a golden age of philanthropy.

Are We Ready? Social Change Philanthropy and the Coming $10 Trillion Transfer of Wealth, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

"Venture Philanthropy: Landscape and Expectations", by C. Quinn Hanchette of the Morino Institute
This paper offer an explanation of why some experts urge donors to scrutinize nonprofits the way venture capitalists scrutinize companies before they invest in them.

"Engaging Diverse Communities For and Through Philanthropy"
A guidebook discussing the experiences of philanthropic entities marketing their services and programs to diverse sectors of their communities. It was commissioned by and is available through the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

Cultures of Caring: Philanthropy in Diverse American Communities
Produced by the Council on Foundations, Cultures of Caring examines potential ways to expand the use of institutional philanthropy in four population groups: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and Native Americans.

WEB SITES: Foundation Information | General Resources | News | Institutional Programs | Charity Reviews | Web Philanthropy

Foundation Information
Association of Small Foundations
Information for foundations with little or no staff.

The Council on Foundations
A national association of private, public, and corporate foundations that serves as a resource for news in philanthropy and as an advocate for charitable giving.

Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers can provide information on your region's philanthropy, help you or your advisor explore many giving options, and connect you to other donors in your area.

The Foundation Center
A nonprofit information clearinghouse, established in 1956, whose mission is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects.

Much like the Foundation Center, Guidestar provides information regarding foundations and charitable trusts, including provides basic financial information on more than 600,000 nonprofits.

Minnesota Council on Foundations
Founded in 1969, the Minnesota Council on Foundations is a regional membership association of grantmakers, including family and other private foundations, community and other public foundations, and corporate foundations and giving programs. They offer an excellent toolkit on giving.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
A statewide membership association of nonprofit organizations sharing information, services, and research to educate their members and the community.

General Resources in Philanthropy
Taking information on philanthropy in general as well as discussions on working in the nonprofit world,'s site is an extensive research tool for newcomers to the world of charitable organizations.

The American Association of Fund-Raising Council
publishes annual statistics on giving.

Charities Aid Foundation
CAF is a tax-exempt organization which supports and promotes global philanthropy. Through communication, CAF attempts to remove the obstacles to international giving by bringing together U.S. donors and non-U.S. charitable organizations.

If you're wondering whether it's better to give stock or cash, Fidelity has an easy-to-use calculator.

Giveback Day
Started by Minnesotans, Giveback Day will be launched in October 2000 with a series of public events to address the benefits of giving. The Web site provides specific tools to help the next generation of givers accomplish their charitable goals.

Habits of the Heart
Young people and adults from different youth organizations around Indiana have been working with Community Partnerships with Youth and Habits of the Heart - the end result is a curriculum to help programs encouraging philanthropy in youth.
An online resource of information that is designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and the larger communities beyond.

Independent Sector
A national leadership forum that works to encourage philanthropy, volunteerism, and citizen action by conducting research and inquiries into who gives and why.

Kellogg Foundation
Contains a good review of nearly 140 nonprofit Internet sites. Click on "programming interests," scroll down to the U.S., go to Philanthropy and Voluntarism, and, under resources, you can download the report "E-philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Social Changemaking." It's a useful first review of a philanthropic revolution in the making.

More than Money
A national network of people in the wealthiest 5%, exploring the personal impact of wealth in our lives and creative philanthropy.

National Center for Charitable Statistics
Check here to learn more about the nonprofit sector and the role of civil society in the American economy.

National Center for Family Philanthropy
is dedicated to encouraging family giving.

National Charities Information Bureau
An organization that collects and maintains information regarding charitable organizations so that donors are equipped to make sound giving decisions.

The Newtithing Group
With a new philosophy of giving, the Newtithing group describes how individuals can give a certain percentage of their net worth and still have their assets grow. The site includes a table of how states rank on the charitable givng scale.

The Philanthropy Center
The Center for Venture Philanthropy created this site to help foundations and venture philanthropists research the nonprofit sector. With this information, they assess whether or not a program is worthy of money from venture philanthropists.

Charles Schwab
Good source of information on charitable giving.

Social Welfare Research Institute
The SWRI specializes in the study of wealth, philanthropy, spirituality, the motivations of giving and volunteering, and has produced the recent new projections of wealth transfer.

The Women's Funding Network
The Network promotes the development and growth of women's funds that empower women and girls by fostering strategic alliances among women, donors, communities and institutions.

The Women's Philanthropy Institute
This organization actively promotes philanthropy among women; among the site's contents is a quick guide providing eight ways to improve personal philanthropic giving.

Philanthropy News
The Philanthropy Roundtable
The Roundtable is founded on the principle that a vibrant private sector is critical to creating the wealth that makes philanthropy possible. They conduct research with these values in mind and publish research findings, articles, and new events in philanthropy.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
One of the most comprehensive periodicals about charitable giving, the Chronicle relates pertinent information from the nonprofit sector to its readers, and also includes a detailed look at the history of American philanthropic giving.

a daily updateby the Gilbert Center concerning philanthropic news, events, and more.

Philanthropy News Network Online
Another comprehensive news site dedicated to funds, grantmakers, nonprofits and government legislation on giving; contains a useful meta-index of related sites.

The NonProfit Times
Focusing mainly on nonprofit management, the NonProfit Times provides valuable information on maintaining funding, volunteers and staff. This newspaper also is known for its semi-annual specials on financial management.

Grants Information Center
This Web site provides a very basic starting point for Internet research on foundations, researchers, and those interested in software aimed at helping philanthropic organizations.

Educations Institutions with Programs in Philanthropy
City University of New York
An exploration of hundreds of resources of interest and importance to researchers and nonprofit professionals, CUNY's Center for the Study of Philanthropy maintains a large collection of links and is a great spot to check for multiculturalism in philanthropy and charitable giving.

University of Massachusetts
The University of Massachusetts' Foundation Relations has an extensive list of resources for charitable giving, including a guide for finding the right foundation for different types of givers.

University of Indiana
The U of I's Center for Philanthropy is an extremely thorough site that provides news, information on philanthropic policy, and opinion pieces by the faculty at the philanthropy school at the University of Indiana.

New York University School of Law
The National Center on Philanthropy and the Law examines in what ways legal issues (estate taxes, federal rates, and more) affect charitable giving.

University of Michigan
The legacy of renowned researcher Ann Castle is posted at this site. Her work focused largely on the role of women in philanthropy.

Charity Reviews
American Institute of Philanthropy
A private watchdog organization that rates charities based on how much they spend on program expenses versus fund raising and administration. The institute's Web site lists the more than 360 nonprofit groups that have been rated and names the charities that have received "excellent" ratings in various areas, such as cancer groups, environmental organizations, and charities that serve the elderly.

Charitable Choices
A listing and detailed review of more than 240 charities, organized by category. Each charity is part of the federal government's Combined Federal Campaign, which means it has met 10 accountability standards, including low overhead.

Charities Review Council
This private watchdog organization evaluates the effectiveness of Minnesota charities. The web site lists the charities they've reviewed and whether or not they meet the council's standards for fund raising, governance, financial management, and public accountability.

Better Business Bureau Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports
The business world's watchdog takes a look at philanthropic endeavors. This site primarily lists charities about which givers should be wary.

The Newtithing Group Charitable Giving Table
According to the Newtithing Group's calculations, this site shows how each American state ranks on scales of charitable giving.

The Center for Responsive Politics
Maintaining a database that tracks political contributions by candidate, Open Secrets helps users locate where political candidates give their money. Additionally, the site provides a general source of information on the issue of campaign contributions.

Web Philanthropy
Charity Frogs
Thanks to Venture Frogs, an Internet investment company, clicking the "ribbit" button once a day will donate one dollar to the American Red Cross.

eBay Charity
Similar to eBay auctions, certain items are donated to a charitable auction. All proceeds go to a user-specified charity.

The Greater Good
Through this shopping village, 15% of purchases made on the Internet can be donated to the World Food Programme. Once logged on to, users can shop at many popular online retailers.

The Hunger Site
Sponsored by a number of Internet companies, a single mouse click donates 1 1/2 cups of staple food for hungry people throughout the world.

The Virtual Foundation
An information exchange where groups can post a proposal and foundations can browse through them, deciding whether or not to give funding.

Web Charity
Modeled after the popular eBay auction sites, Web Charity asks users to donate items for auctions, and then the final bidding price goes to the donor's choice of charity.

Where to Give
Based on personal selections, Where to Give helps each donor select the type of charity to which his/her money should go.

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