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The Changing Face of Philanthropy in Minnesota:
a radio series on giving in the New Economy.
Guess which famous personality said each philanthropic quote, then find out more about the actual author.
1. "The man who dies rich dies disgraced."
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
J. P. Morgan
President Woodrow Wilson

2. "We can't have just a few people in the United States with billions of dollars while billions of people in the rest of the world have nothing at all."
Jane Fonda
U. N. Secretary General Kofi Annan
Ted Turner
Bill Gates

3. "I grew up not feeling loved."
Michael Bloomberg
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Oprah Winfrey
Sam Walton

4. "Philanthropy is one of the greatest pleasures I have."
President Bill Clinton
Rob Glaser (founder of Real Networks)
Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft)
Larry Ellson (CEO of Oracle)

5. "Our drug policy is insane. And no politician can stand up and say what I'm saying, because it's the third rail - instant electrocution."
Ralph Nader
Angela Davis
George Soros
Ben Cohen (cofounder of Ben & Jerry's)

6. "If you use your body to make music, to dance, to rake over your emotions so that others can feel, you have to be willing to give."
Steven Spielberg
Diana Ross
Alan Alda
Keith Haring

7. "Let's not just praise billionaires."
Vice-President Al Gore
President George Bush
Retired General Colin Powell
Ted Turner

8. "Over the last 10 years, 80 percent of what I give is anonymous and the other 20 percent is only where my name can help attract other moneys."
Paul Newman
Martha Stewart
Steven Spielberg
Robert Redford

9. "If we invest in children and families from the very beginning, we will reap enormous benefits as a society."
Barbara Bush
Glenn Close
Rob Reiner
John F. Kennedy

10. "It is not so much what people do in this world as their reasons for doing it which really makes a difference. Sacrifices are not so important as the reasons for which you sacrifice. . ."
George Lucas
Rosie O’Donnell
Eleanor Roosevelt
Arthur Ashe

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