The Minnesota Family Strength Project

Families Talk, Families Listen

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THE MINNESOTA FAMILY STRENGTH PROJECT represents a collaboration of nonprofit organizations that consider the health and vitality of individuals, families, and communities in Minnesota to be central to their missions. Each brings a unique and valuable perspective to this initiative as we listen to families tell us what makes them strong and learn how we can all work together to build on those strengths.

Participating organizations:

Minnesota Public Radio Civic Journalism Initiative

The Family and Children's Service

Minnesota Historical Society

The Allina Foundation.

T o T h r i v e,
we must start thinking of neighbors and fellow community members as family. We need them, and they need us.


Minnesota Family Album
Picture your family in history! Write up your family's stories on a convenient form and send them to the Minnesota History Center. They'll be kept safe and made accessible to families and historians in the future.

Radio Reports
MPR's newsroom produced these two family stories:
Study Finds Family Strong, including comments from survey participants and researchers.
Family Ties, about the pressures transforming family life and structure.

What We Learned
How did the Family Strength Project start out? What were its components? And what have participants told us? Here's the capsule review.

Family Findings
A survey of 2000 Minnesotans reveals the indicators of strong families as well as the stresses being placed upon them. Take a quick quiz to find what your family's strengths are!

Great Ideas
Twenty-one ideas from among the many suggested at citizen forums held around the state.

Action Steps
Get started today! Here are people, projects and places you can get involved with right now.

Family Resources
Opportunities to help others - and services when you and your family need help yourselves.

October, 1997

This online report was produced by Minnesota Public Radio's Online Services with volunteer assistance from Kevin Reynen. Portions of the Web site are adapted from the 36-page "Families Talk, Families Listen" special section in the November, 1997 Minnesota Monthly Magazine. Doug Clement was the principal writer and Len Witt the editor. Copies of the special section can be received as long as supplies last by emailing Witt ( or by calling 1-800-228-7123.
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