Come help us celebrate Fitzgerald,
and if you haven't read him for awhile,
take a look. He's good.
-- Garrison Keillor

F. Scott Fitzgerald's 100th Birthday

Welcome to the Celebration!
September 24 - 27, 1996

MARATHON READINGS and renowned visiting writers; dedication ceremonies and birthday cake candles; special radio broadcasts and 20s-style music. If you're in St. Paul towards the end of September, join in the occasion! And if you can't make it in person, visit this site regularly as we bring the celebration to life online.


Crossword Puzzle
The deadline for the contest is past, but you can still display your flair for 20th century American lit with the F. Scott Fitzgerald crossword puzzle.


Calendar of Events
Your complete and most up-to-date guide to all the festivities.

Literature Festival, September 27
High school and college students meet with renowned writers to explore the world of literature, writing and publishing. An overview of the day and registration information.


The St. Paul Connection
A personal reflection by Garrison Keillor plus a perspective on the role played by St. Paul in Fitzgerald's life.

A Fitzgerald Capsule History
A concise chronology of Fitzgerald's life.

Authors on Fitzgerald
Other 20th-century greats sing the praises of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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