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Color of Justice participant
A Color of Justice participant speaks up.


The River Question and Answer Project

Getting There: Building Ideas for a Better, Smarter Transportation System in Minnesota

Color of Justice: Is There Racial Bias in the Minnesota Criminal Justice System?

Covering Native American Issues

The Universal U: Searching for a Vision of Its Future

Sharing the Wealth: Charitable Giving in Prosperous Times

Guinea Pig Kids: A Look Inside Minnesota's Graduation Standards Experiment

Minnesota in the .Com Age

The MPR Y2K Summit

Welfare to Work

Urban, Rural Conversations: The Crookston/Lucille's Kitchen Connection

The Hidden Rainbow

Civic Journalism Symposium

Economic Literacy Summit/National Symposium

Public Religion Symposium

Minnesota Citizens' Forums

Minnesota Family Strength Project

Low-Income Housing

The Economic War Among the States

Journalists, Violence and the News

The Minnesota Action Plan to End Gun Violence

THE CIVIC JOURNALISM INITIATIVE'S MISSION is to gather citizens to talk about public policy issues and amplify what they say via radio, the Internet, and print. With MPR's 31 network stations it can get into the tiniest villages in Minnesota, and with its connections to National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and the British and Canadian broadcasting companies it can also get to the capitals of the world.

It successfully elevated the discussion surrounding the bidding wars states have in trying to keep and lure businesses in its "The Economic War Among the States" conference in Washington, DC in 1996. The Civic Journalism Initiative symposium in April, 1998, with renowned University of Chicago theologian Dr. Martin E. Marty framed and elevated the national discussion of what role religion should have in public life. The Civic Journalism Initiative also has produced Minnesota-oriented projects on the family, gun violence, affordable housing, integration, the media, and elections.

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