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Minnesota Public Radio and CodeMorphic announce launch of streaming application of all three MPR services for iPhone

September 19, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio and CodeMorphic, an iPhone™ application consulting firm, announced today the launch of a new application designed to allow the live Web stream of MPR's three services—Classical, News and The Current—through the iPhone, available for free through iPhone's App Store.

"As soon as the new iPhone came out, our audiences began asking if they could use it to listen to our stations," said Mike Bettison, director of New Media at MPR. "We are very excited about this new application and love the fact that the iPhone and other mobile devices are becoming powerful enough to deliver our content reliably."

With this application, iPhone users can play any of the MPR streams from their phones and hear Minnesota Public Radio's live radio content for free in this portable format. After downloading this application—called MPR: Radio—users will see a single icon for MPR, on which they can click to access all three of MPR's regional services and listen from nearly anywhere in the world.

American Public Media, Minnesota Public Radio's parent company, is also working with CodeMorphic to create additional applications for listeners to access other online Web streams.

About iPhone's applications

Since its inception, a unique feature of Apple's iPhone has been the invitation of users and software developers to create applications for the phone, ranging from games to Internet feeds to books.

The App Store on iPhone works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi, which means it is accessible from just about anywhere, so users can purchase and download applications wirelessly and start using them instantly. Applications are free or charged to the user's iTunes® account and the App Store notifies the user when updates are available for their applications. MPR's iPhone application, MPR: Radio, is free.

Minnesota Public Radio® operates a 37-station radio network serving virtually all of Minnesota and parts of surrounding states and produces programming for radio, Internet and face-to-face audiences. Programs produced by Minnesota Public Radio's parent company, American Public Media,™ reach more than 15 million listeners nationwide each week. Of those, nearly 800,000 listen regionally, in Minnesota and surrounding states. A complete list of stations, programs and additional services can be obtained at www.mpr.org.


Source: Data are copyright Arbitron, Inc., Nationwide and PSA data. Arbitron data are estimates only. Spring 2007/Fall 2007 average

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