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RadioExtra on Minnesota Public Radio
With Katherine Lanpher and Kai Ryssdal
August 12-16, 2002

Katherine Lanpher
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About RadioExtra
RadioExtra is an experimental three-week public radio series. WNYC, New York; Minnesota Public Radio; and KPCC, Los Angeles, produced produced a week of hour-long news/talk programs. From Aug. 5 through Aug. 23, all three carried the programs live on each other's stations. The programs were also made available to all other public radio stations. The programs produced by MPR and Marektplace Productions are archived on this site.

Call-in Cabaret with Katherine Lanpher
MPR's Katherine Lanpher hosts three live radio broadcasts from the Suburban World Theater in Uptown Minneapolis. It's a call-in cabaret—conversation, song, and you.

August 12—Arthur Phillips, author of Prague: Listen
Prague is a best-selling first novel that looks at the adventures of five expatriate Gen-Xers in the early '90s. Imagine a book described as "Marcel Proust writes an episode of Friends." We talk to Phillips about expatriate life and his generation on RadioExtra.
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August 13—Lizz Winstead, comedian and writer: Listen
Winstead is a feminist comic who is smart and funny, and who has a mouth and isn't afraid to use it. We talk with her about the "F" word—feminism—on RadioExtra.
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August 14—Governor Jesse Ventura: Listen
Katherine interviews Governor Jesse Ventura
Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has written a civics book for children. Do you want him telling your kids what to do? Hoo-yah! Find out more on this RadioExtra.
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    Video clips:
    • What the government taught him—View
    • His greatest disappointment as governor—View
    • Why he felt destined to run for president—View
    • Why the governor's salary should be raised—View
    • His views on the drug war—View

Kai Ryssdal
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True West and American Pop with Kai Ryssdal
Marketplace Morning Report host Kai Ryssdal presents two RadioExtra programs: True West, about new ideas and current issues in the American West and what it means to live in the West today; and American Pop, a celebration of American popular culture.

August 15—True West: Listen
True West is a program in development at MPR's Marketplace Productions, to be hosted by author Sara Davidson. Davidson joins Ryssdal in the studio for an hour that features:
• Cowboy musician Tom Russell singing a Western song infused with the spirit of a Morrocan proverb
• Journalist Jessica Seigel's attitude adjustment after this born-and-bred New Yorker spends a week at a Wyoming dude ranch
• An interview with Native American author and filmmaker Sherman Alexie about angry Indians and poetry
• San Francisco through the eye of an artist/bohemian/radio producer after the dot-com bust
• Tourists looking to find the Old West in contemporary Santa Fe, New Mexico
• A visit to Josie's, a "nouvelle western" restaurant in Los Angeles, and a conversation with chef-owner Josie Le Balch about game that doesn't taste like your father's dead deer pulled off his pickup truck
• A conversation about the role of film in shaping the image of the West

August 16—American Pop: Listen
American Pop is also in development at MPR's Marketplace Productions. This show, to be hosted by Michelle Philippe, features a lively range of interviews and produced segments including:
• Pop Toppers, A short review of newsy pop-culture updates
• A conversation with author, filmmaker, and provocateur Michael Moore about how he pokes powerful people in the eyes and still get his next project funded
• An essay by Playboy contributor Tina King, about distractions at the movie theater
• In the spirit of High Fidelity author Nick Hornby, we turn to well-known figures for their top-five favorites
• Three head writers from the AV Club, the arts section of the cheeky Web site The Onion, peel away the layers of their least-favorite job requirement: going on Hollywood media junkets
• An essay by writer Ayun Halliday, a contributor to Bust and Hip Mama magazines and NPR, about how to pull off a great escape with two kids in tow
• Youth radio contributor Erica Soloman takes us to the place where cliques go to die, the P.C. gaming room.
• Music critic Michael Azerrad gives us his picks of the must-have CDs of the summer of 2002.



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